I am so happy to have you here and will be even more delighted to meet you in person to find out about you and your business.

I am an interpreter of numbers for business owners. I have become a Licensed Accountant but I am foremost a teacher and an empower-er. Business is about people and numbers and I understand both.

I believe that each and every individual, if bold enough to work for themselves or create their own business, deserves to win through.

I understand that people are often overwhelmed by numbers which can often send them into a spin. I think that business owners are suffering if they don’t understand, and get to grips with, their own numbers and if they are not getting the insightful support that their accountant would be in the best position to deliver.

I also love working with people and I spent the first half of my professional life exploring personal development in various guises. I want to work with ordinary people who also just happen to be entrepreneurial, who run their business to sustain their own lives and the security of their family. People who want, and deserve, a good quality of life by taking tenacious responsibility.

My job is to help you, the individual, enhance your business potential and your livelihood.

You, the business owner, should be paid, at the very least, the market rate for your efforts and for the work that you do; ideally you should be securing a good enough income that sustains you in the life that you want to live.

I will help you to understand your numbers and get to grips with them, but more, to gain insight and ‘next steps’ to move your business forwards in sustainability and profitability. I collaborate with my clients to really help them understand what their numbers are showing and provide regular input to take them to the next level. You get tried and tested and regular input from me, delivered in a way that makes sense to you, that you implement and we track together. You are going to start feeling that you are back in control of what has been happening and be in control of future steps.

My buzz word has got to be empowerment.

I am on a private mission to empower business owners to be numbers literate, accountancy-speak savvy and super engaged with their money, without a hint of overwhelm, self-diminishment or lack of confidence. I am going to help you get firmly into the right position that serves you and show you the places where you work against yourself and how to change that.

I also believe that business owners don’t want to judge their own business purely on reaching sales targets and profit levels. I want you to find your business enjoyment and find your happy place where you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labour, and the journey itself, in achieving the business that you started out to create.

There are a number of ways that you can work with me.

I offer a full accountancy service to owner-managed businesses as a stand-alone service and I have several coaching programmes throughout the year. You can join either or both and take what you need to help you get moving positively and proactively.

I look forward to welcoming new clients with whom I can genuinely engage with.


Joanne Osborne MAAT, FICB, PM Dip

Call on 01342 842411

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