I am happy to have you here and would be even more delighted to meet you to find our about you and your business enterprise.

Firstly, I have not always been an Accountant and I have also not come out of a corporate setting to ‘help small businesses flourish’. Rather, I have spent a lifetime being self-directed and running my own businesses and work projects; that has largely been in the arena of studying the healing arts. This makes me perceptive, incisive and provides a slight angle to the way I perceive challenges and generate outcomes.

There is a geeky part of me that is completely delighted by knowing and understanding accounts and accountancy; how it all pulls together to a 360° accounting vision and being in a position to impart that to other business owners. Prior to studying accountancy I was always afraid of accounts and frustrated by that fact.

My buzz word has got to be empowerment.

I am on a private mission to empower business owners to really engage in their accounts in a way that puts them back in control, thinking forwards and getting creative about next steps. Running your own business is fraught with issues and the tax man ever bearing down upon you, in one way or another, can make sleep a restless place.

On the other hand, running your own business offers so many rewarding challenges too and if I can get you as excited about your accounts, to get you out of a reactive cycle and into a proactive one, then you will really benefit from embracing your finances on a daily basis rather than ‘leaving it to the accountant to quietly understand and never quite share’. Knowing that you have a handle on the finances means you get to engage fully with the business that you understand and want to develop.

I have come into the accounting arena as technology has seriously upped its game and the offering to businesses is wide and perhaps somewhat daunting. MTD has arrived (Making Tax Digital) and promises more change with the ‘how’ of accounting. I think great care needs to be exercised in the idea that managing your own accounts is as easy as connecting up to an accounts package, but saying that, you should be connected up to your accounts and reviewing them in ‘manager role’ as regularly as you can. I am a Xero fan and that is my default software to encourage you to use. I have already wasted too much time on software that doesn’t just work.

I offer a complete service that supports start-ups, the self-employed and limited companies that do not need auditing. By offering a comprehensive ‘accounts department’ to you means that you do not need to employ a company bookkeeper/accountant. If numbers are not your thing, and let’s face it, for most people that is true then let me expose you to your business financials in a format where you can see charts and graphs that can literally paint a picture of where you are at and where you want to be.

I look forward to welcoming new clients for whom I can genuinely engage with and help them run a sustainable and enterprising business. If you want my input then please do get in touch and we’ll have a coffee together to find out what your requirements are to support your business success

Joanne Osborne MAAT, FICB, PM Dip

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