How to work with me

One-to-one Business Development for existing clients only

Business Growth

Monthly Meeting

Helping you to understand your business better, enabling you to better manage your cashflow and attend to the important shifts and changes that are in line with your desired outcomes.

Business Development

Quarterly Meeting

Your business review meeting that helps you to stay on track, manage your business and your cashflows and helps you to navigate the important milestones.

For all our serviced clients

Yearly Meeting

This complimentary yearly review allows us to explore what your ambitions are and where you would like to see yourself this time next year. We look to fulfil your aspirations!


Group Coaching - all welcome

Lets Love Accounting

12 Week Coaching Programme

This 12 week course covers all the technical elements that every new director or business owner needs to know for running your own business; from processing the data, understanding all the compliance checks, reading your own reports and more. As you are growing you may not yet be in a position to outsource but you do need to know what you need to know.

This level and depth of understanding will remain timeless and is a prerequisite for all directors and business owners so that they can manage their business in confidence; now and in the future.

Always in a safe and supported environment.

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Membership Coaching for LLA graduates & clients

My Great Big Little Business

12 Month Coaching Programme

This is a 12 month transformation coaching programme which takes you through a structured pathway for you to really develop your business with the core elements; to shape, understand and strengthen your own business and your position in it, so that it will serve you, and your family, for years to come.

The core pillars and other essential infrastructure pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle that will put you in the driving seat of your own livelihood business.

Always in a safe and supported environment.

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