If you can think it through from the big idea, if you can imagine how it can be pulled into tangible and meaningful steps that land the vision into the detail…

Dreaming is a part of a process of development.

There is a lot of power in the day dream and the wandering thoughts, seemingly ungraspable and not quite touchable; not quite liveable and not really practical but usually very hopeful; living in the world of utopias where all is perfection. The mind can concoct quicker than the physical realm can manifest. A mind let loose is a strange and powerful beast, with no thing ruled out of ‘what is possible'.

And why not?!

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs have been the greatest visionaries. What marks them out is their capacity to manifest into the physical realm that which was but a mental mist. Probably not all of what is in there, but some of it at least.

So in business, let us dare to dream. And dare to dream big.

Let's not get too esoteric though – eh! Our idea doesn't have to be the latest micro-bot-tech-wizadry product thing that is going to turn us into a billionaire overnight. It can be a simple quest of running a livelihood business that supports me and my family. But heck, you still gotta dream about what that personal utopia is going to look like – right?

But to land the vision, to bring it down into dusty reality we must take the concept to another step on. Perhaps if we can share the vision, with others and get them to buy into the vision. Or perhaps we simply just can't. Perhaps we can't even voice what the vision is without somehow disrupting its very essence. Maybe the visionary herself has to keep chipping away at reality and forming new things until reality is shaped and (the business) becomes something that starts to represent the vision.

And take the next steps

To really make the dream become reality will take many more steps to define and refine and turn the idea into something that is actually functional. What are the stepping stones? What are the structures that allow this idea to become a real thing? A real business? That really serves?

Sometimes the process is a slow one. Creative processes usually are.

Landing the dream is ‘la créme'!

Landing the idea, however big or small it is, is a neat trick. It all starts in the mind; the dream, the vision, the idea. For me, it only has real meaning if you can land the idea; when you can turn the reality into something tangible and workable. I know that there are many hurdles along the way and I know that there is feelings of despair and hopelessness also to be had, because nothing really comes that easily. Not really. Not in reality. You usually have to put the effort in!

Plotting and Planning is a huge part of the process of making an outcome tangible. 

Never berate yourself for dreaming the dream. But share the vision and get some help to land the dream. Once you have the vision then you can bring it to the business plan and work your backwards steps; in order to get to B what needs to happen at 1A, 1B and 1C and all the other steps in between.