Accelerating small business success 

Securing the time to work on the business instead of in the business is an absolute necessity for making a success of your livelihood business. Having the right tools of strategy and finance will give you perspective and inform your choices to steer you towards your ultimate goals and reasons for having a business in the first place. To overcome the inevitable hurdles that every business owner faces there are three essential tools that every business should have in place, as a base minimum:

  • An Annual Success Plan which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis
  • An Annual Cash Management Plan; also updated regularly
  • Accountability/Coaching sessions with a collaborative approach to monitor, analyse and adjust to help you progress towards your goals.

What is the Business Success Pathway Programme?

The Business Success Pathway Programme provides One-to-One support to small business owners. This programme will provide you with the clarity that every business should start their financial year with; clearly defined aspirations and directions for the year with itemised and stated goals to work to, which of course can be adjusted and refined. Once begun, we request that you commit to this programme over a 12 month period of time and trust that you will get so much out of the programme that you will want it to be a necessary part of your yearly business cycle. You will get the ongoing insights you need to move your business forwards and achieve your goals. 

Below are some of the key elements we will work very closely with you on to help you move your business forward in the right direction.

Business Success Planning 

You’ll complete 2 x two hour Business Success Planning Sessions, personal workshop style, which will harness your business and personal aspirations and break them down into actionable goals with timelines. This plan remains a close working document which will help you to realise your aspirations and outcomes. We want to keep your daily activities connected with the long term plan.

Quarterly Review

Every quarter (or month) we will meet up (via Zoom) to review your actual results with you and to discuss your business, re-set your 90 day goals and think about your business strategy and next steps. These sessions are collaborative in nature and an opportunity to share the reality of how your business is behaving. 

Cashflow Management

Using the information from the business plan along with your existing business numbers we will build out your expected cashflow movements, done together. You will know your monthly targets, your pinch points and drill down into the detail. This will help you to understand what is working well in your business and what needs further attention, based on your facts and your figures. 

Email Support

Between meetings you will be able to email us with any questions you may have or to get feedback.

Core Quarterly
£257 per month
Your Programme includes all the above and:
Quarterly Reporting On The Numbers

You will be provided with management reports every quarter which will help you to understand how your business has actually performed over the period and allows the analysis of key measurements.

On Track Momentum Calls

Every mid-quarter you will have a 15 minute On Track Momentum Call to review your progress on your goals and discuss actions and road blocks.

Premium Monthly
£479 per month
Your Programme includes all the above and:
Monthly Reporting On The Numbers

You will be provided with management reports on a monthly basis which will help you to understand how your business has actually performed over the period and allows the analysis of key measurements.

On Track Coaching

The Premium Monthly will provide you with a monthly coaching call to review your progress to date and discuss the outcomes for the next 30 days; keeping you on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Business Planning Session cover?

Firstly you will be sent some initial questions which will get you to start the thinking processes around your business and how you want it to shape up. Then we will have 2 separate sessions, likely 2 x 2 hour sessions with some days in between to give you time to consider the discussions.

The breakthroughs come via the collaborative discussion. In this session you will define and set your personal and business goals and break down the next 90 days into actionable steps.

What does the Quarterly Review cover?

The Quarterly review meeting will provide an opportunity to review the previous quarter, discuss progress and alignment with your stated outcomes and what needs to happen in the following quarter which is further aligned with the business plan and the progress actualised to date.

What do you cover in the Management Reporting?

The Management Reporting will provide you with summarised management reports and the top level data plus any key performance measurements that you need in order to analyse how your business has behaved and performed.

How are the sessions delivered?

The sessions are delivered on Zoom where we can screen share and review the same material together.

What are the payment options?

Payment will be collected monthly via direct debit. A discount can be given if the twelve months are paid in full.

I'm not ready to take up one-to-one coaching at this time. What else can I do?

If you are not in the position yet to take up the one-to-one engagement but you still want the support to keep you and your business progressing then take a look at the ‘My Great Big Little Business' group coaching programme where you can benefit from a structured programme and group support.

How do I know that this programme is right for me

This is really important and we only want you to take up this offer if it is truly right for you. If you have been through some of the other programmes with us then you may already know that this is the right step for you. Feel free to book a Discovery Call to discuss and make sure that the programme is going to be what you need and is what you are looking for.