OUR holistic and hands on approach 

Starting or having a business is akin to going on a journey; you will face many internal and external challenges along the way. We come on that journey with you by looking at the big picture and drilling down into the detail with you. We do the compliance tasks that needs doing on your behalf, but we also do a whole lot more.

Many business owners can feel intimidated or overwhelmed by numbers and lost on where to start or what is important. Here at Brilliant Numbers, we start by getting your accounting systems in good order and getting you up to date, if you are behind. We aim to provide you with the services that you need, to help you harness the direction of travel of your business and help you keep your finances in order. Your business finances are the central pin to your success. We provide an insightful and friendly service to help you work with YOUR numbers both on your own and with our guidance.

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Your one-stop solution to accounting bookkeeping & payroll

We can provide everything that you need for the core functioning of your accounts for your business and will help you to navigate the many demands of compliance and the requirements from the authorities, keeping you on track with deadlines and all the varied elements of running your business.

Your Business. Our Passion

Our main purpose is to support and empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to build a successful, sustainable and profitable business which serves them and the people they serve.

Business owners often start out motivated by wanting more freedom but the reality can often be quite different. Our aim is to help you get the confidence, insights and skillsets that you need to make your business work for you.

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Who's behind the numbers

I am so happy to have you here so that I can have an opportunity to introduce myself and invite you to take a look around. I will be even more delighted to meet you in person so that I can learn about you and your business but let's start here…

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