I am so happy to have you here and will be even more delighted to meet you in person to find out about you and your business.

I am an interpreter of numbers for business owners. I have become a Licensed Accountant but I am foremost a teacher and an empower-er. Business is about people and numbers and I understand both.

I believe that each and every individual, if bold enough to work for themselves or create their own business, deserves to win through.

I understand that people are often overwhelmed by numbers which can often send them into a spin. I think that business owners are suffering if they don’t understand, and get to grips with, their own numbers and if they are not getting the insightful support that their accountant would be in the best position to deliver.

I also love working with people and I spent the first half of my professional life exploring personal development in various guises. I want to work with ordinary people who also just happen to be entrepreneurial, who run their business to sustain their own lives and the security of their family. People who want, and deserve, a good quality of life by taking tenacious responsibility.

My job is to help you, the individual, to enhance your business potential and therefore your livelihood.

Brilliant Numbers works with owner-managed businesses and sole traders 

We provide

Structured coaching for you to know how to run your business well

Bookkeeping & Accountancy services to help you run your business

Interpretation and feedback so you understand the numbers that really matter

Regular meetings for accountability and feedback

Strategic support & alignment of business & personal goals

Tax support and services to stop overwhelm

My Aim

Is to empower you and put you in control

so I will figure out the best way of doing that

by understanding your needs, fulfilling your business

requirements and help you get informed with your financials


My Promise To You

To challenge you where it matters

Connect with you regularly

Care about your business

Make you smile

Quality & Outsourced

The type of quality information that was available to Small Business Enterprises was, up until very recently, only available to larger organisations with a full-time accounts team.

Ordinary business people who work extraordinarily hard to make their business a success can now benefit from so much more out of their accounting information.

Based In Surrey

Brilliant Numbers is based in Surrey and works with local businesses.

Saying that, modern technology means that a conference call and a screen share is possible at any time.

Regular contact is secured both face to face and on-line.

You can outsource your bookkeeping and accounting and have regular contact as easily as if we were in the office next door.

The Team

I personally cover all bases and slowly am beginning to put together a team. However all the bookkeeping and accounting remains in-house because I have a vested interest in staying fully in touch with you and your daily activities.

As a small and growing business that is embracing current and up to date accounting technology I bring to you my collaboration and support, some pragmatic humour and lots of dedication. 

Are you ready to get engaged with your accounts?  

Fully Insured and Regulated Professional Accountancy Practice

Authorised and licensed by the AAT* (Association of Accounting Technicians) and the ICB* (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) so you can be sure that your bookkeeping, accounts and tax matters are in very safe hands.

*Joanne Osborne MAAT, FICB, PM Dip, is a Licensed Accountant regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and a Certified ICB Bookkeeper. AAT and ICB are recognised by HM Treasury to supervise compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations and Brilliant Numbers is supervised in this respect. AAT Licence number is 20125591. ICB Practise Licence Number is 18305. This means that Brilliant Numbers is governed by AAT Code of Conduct and Licensing requisites and ICB’s Practice Licence scheme, holds Professional Indemnity Insurance and is supervised under the Money Laundering Regulations.

 The AAT is a recognised Accountancy Association and The ICB is the largest bookkeeping institute in the world.

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