Hi! My name is Joanne, sometimes Jo and I am the business owner and director of Brilliant Numbers. I am a Licensed Accountant, Qualified Bookkeeper, and a Conscious Money Coach. I have a comprehensive background in holistic therapies… and I'm mum to the best person in the world!

My personal approach with business owner clients is to ‘connect in' with every one of my clients on a very human level, I want to understand what your vision is, understand your blocks, and help you generate a pathway that has sound financial touch points to ensure that you have the freedom you want to have and to realise the internal vision, dream, desire and life or business plan.

I relish in the diversity of people, their story, their enterprise and the paths that they follow which reflects them as an individual. I love meeting real people who are engaging with their own strengths, productivity and capacity and I recognise that running a business is a slightly weirder version of personal development with all the associated ‘challenges to self' that go with the territory. It is those people who I am excited to meet and help professionally. I want to help nurture people's talent and creativity, and help them be profitable and able to create and uphold a sustainable livelihood business.

My own route to becoming a numbers person and business advisor has been an unusual one, not least because my background was initially in learning, teaching and exploring in the holistic space of the healing and energetic arts. I have had some extraordinary teachers whose nuggets of gold impact my daily life. I love the word 'empowerment' and what it means; that becoming empowered can deliver autonomy, self-direction and community. I have a natural desire to help people and get a huge amount of joy when I can show people how to become confident in a subject area as critically important as their business financials; a subject that otherwise overwhelms a lot of people. A strange and incomprehensible language that it is! But not really. 

In this capacity, my work with small businesses is about the people and the numbers and I am able to work with the interrelationship of both. The holy grail for us all is in having the right balance between time and money as a conduit for enough freedom to enjoy life; the three freedoms of time money and space.

What I am not, is someone who has come from the upper echelons of the corporate world with a sudden mission to change the world and help small businesses with a corporate hat on. I am much more ‘from the ground up'. I am not convinced that overlaying a corporate paradigm onto a small business structure is the best approach anyway. I, myself, have travelled from ground zero, I have been ‘the freelancer' and ‘the small business owner'. I know the stresses and strains of making something from nothing and stretching limited resources to cover all bases in order to stretch and grow. When I started my own journey into the world of finance and accounting it was very much fuelled by a desire to understand how small businesses can be successful and model the best of them.  I now feel like a translator, an educator, a do-er, and an imparter of information and I am the distillation of all that wisdom that I have gleaned along the way!

I am driven by not allowing talented people to fall at the hurdle of managing the numbers, managing the money and being tricked by the downfall of money. My aim is to work closely with you to help you get to grips with your business in relation to money, understand your numbers and help your business to operate profitably and sustainably, while you bring your unique and special thing to the world.

Beyond your business enterprise is the freedom and peace of mind that having your own business should be able to deliver to you. That is what will move you forward. You want your business to grow from strength to strength and I want that for you too. 

I can help you to manage the money and tax side of things while not losing sight of the ambition, the mission and the thing that lights you up.

“The role of the teacher is to show you what's possible… you make the choice as to whether to run with it or not”

~ Joanne Osborne


I became licensed as an Accountant in 2019 having been licensed as a Certified Bookkeeper since 2013. I have worked with a range of limited companies and as my work has continued I have found that the whole subject gets ever more fascinating! Geek! And so I continue my studies further into Tax. I am currently half way through my studies with the ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians) and have wildly set my sights on becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor within the next five years! We'll see.

I mainly work with limited companies who draw up micro-entity accounts (FRS 105) and whose turnover is under £632,000 or small entity limited companies (FRS 102) whose annual turnover is officially under £10.2 million. I am unlikely to ever exceed that threshold as my interest will always stay with Owner Managed Businesses where I seek to deliver more quality and higher level value in that arena. I want to continue to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs and real people. 

I am on a private mission to empower as many business owners as possible to become number literate, business savvy and super engaged with their financials without being left feeling overwhelmed, self-diminished or lack the confidence to take their business further. I want you to enjoy running your business, reap the rewards  of your hard work and achieve the business goals that you set out to create.