Core workshops made for you

We’re here to make a real difference to small business owners. Delivering a high-quality, efficient compliance service is just one part of that. Helping our clients to develop, improve and grow their business is our next natural step to take with you.

This practical set of workshop series are designed to inform, educate and help you make progress. These deep dives are relevant at different junctures of your own progression and can be taken up as stand alone workshops, ongoing coaching or a combination of both according to where you are placed.

Business Success Planning

Let’s get the creativity flowing, generate clarity around your business outcomes and pin down intentions about how you want the next 12 months to look.  You will make some healthy commitments, define how progress is going to be judged (by you) and know how it nestles into your long-term plans. Your own, succinct and ready, road map of how you intend to shape the next chapter of the journey.

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Cash Flow Confidence

Nurturing your cashflow is critical for small businesses and having the tools and skills at your disposal to weather the storms and the ebbs and flows of your money gives you confidence in how you take the next steps. Nobody wants to be stifled by number crunching so we look at the tools and methods to support you personally in how to get a handle on your cashflow movements.

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Financial Awareness Coaching

If you are struggling to understand the numbers and wish that you had an arena where you can ask all the questions and increase your understanding of all the elements, then this could be the investment that you will never regret. Too many business owners run blind and perhaps go so far down the line that they become too afraid to ask. We change that with a series of coaching sessions that work around your own learning style.

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Roles, Structure & Organisation

Many small business owners are simply wearing too many hats in their business. Just by gaining clarity on the roles and responsibilities of the existing and/or future team allows you to start to delegate more. If you have precious little time to spend in a strategic sense, or on high-level activities, then this process can create real value for your business. Let's get clarity on the key functions of your business and who should be covering off which responsibilities.

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Pricing & Selling

Can you easily articulate the value of your product or service to your customers? Do you get brow beaten with price or scared to charge what your product or service is worth? Do you know what it's worth? Pricing is a huge and hot topic.  This workshop is designed to help you improve your pricing strategies, your selling process and will help you become more productive, efficient and therefore more profitable. You want to be able to price with certainty, confidently handle changes in work scope and eliminate fee surprises for you and your clients.

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Values & Identity

Core Values are the essence of a company’s identity. The personal values of a small business owner will have a huge impact on how the business operates. Defining your core values and their definitions will underpin your organisation and identify what is really driving the business. Living into your core values provides a great foundation and guide for the way your team interacts with clients and each other. 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker)

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The Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan. It’s essential to understand your marketing strategy and outcomes and to measure your effectiveness to ensure continuous improvement. Having a 12 month activity based marketing plan with clear goals and actions to generate more leads and improve customer retention is a must in modern times of tech and social media. This workshop delivers that plan.

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Your Money Story

Feel stuck? Going around in circles and repeating certain patterns with money? Is your relationship to money not entirely healthy? Then let's take the time together to look at your own beliefs, values, identity and history around this otherwise taboo topic. This session time will empower you beyond any spreadsheet that you can ever think of! This is possibly the single most overlooked conversation that could ever be had between us. Pull up a chair, get your notepad out and let’s have a deep and meaningful conversation about money; free of shame, guilt or judgement but full of conscious awareness.

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