Understand Your Money Story

Your underlying beliefs and values around money and how you have historically been educated around money can both hinder and enhance your progression in life and in business. How you relate to money, how you identify with money and the relationship you have with it, will have its impact upon the way you relate to your business. Those underlying drivers will be seen in the day to day operations of your business. Your unconscious patterns will get manifested into reality!

Exploring your deeper beliefs and patterns around money, in a safe and non-judgemental way, can be extraordinarily empowering to the individual business owner. Discussions around what those beliefs are, how they got to be there and whether they are useful to carry forwards into the future provides a real conduit for change. Plus you receive an advocate for you on your journey to making that change. Running a business is most certainly a form of personal development and the subject of money a perfect arena.

6 Deep & Meaningful Conversations

that will change your viewpoint and maybe your life!

This is a structured series of ‘Deep & Meaningful' conversations and invitations to reflect; considerations designed specifically for you to explore your personal history, identity, belief sets and unconscious patterns around money and what is really driving the bus. This pathway will lead you into your own understanding of what you need to explore further and how to re-set your own programming about your internal money patterns. I have a number of sessions to share with you where you can begin your own voyage of discovery. Whatever you have been taught about money can be un-learnt; whatever unconscious patterns have formed can be brought into conscious awareness. You may have a particular issue or blind spot that you want to share and resolve. You may wish to incorporate your personal money goals into the your business plan and this is the space to share those explorations. I am confident that you will find a lot of real benefit in taking the time and steps to go a little deeper with me. 

Why do I need to explore my money story?


Negative beliefs

Beliefs are powerful drivers. Lots of beliefs can reside under the surface and offering a space for discussion can be enough to reveal some of those beliefs that may surprise you. If they are negatively impacting your aspirations then it may be worth considering them in more detail and forming better beliefs that will serve you. 


Identity patterns

The projections that we make and how we identify with money and beyond will shape everyday choices and critical decision making. Reclaiming the parts of ourselves that are split away is enough to create new patterns in thinking and acting. Exploring those patterns can reveal both the problem and the solution.


Debt management

Managing debt can be a very lonely place. Business debt a lonelier place again. Robbing Peter to pay Paul has its emotional impact on daily well-being. Having a space safe enough to discuss the emotional strain, a place to consider the underlying drivers and patterns and a space for making breakthroughs, to be acknowledged and for aspirations to be shared.


Wealth journey

We talk about the three freedoms; money freedom, time freedom and mental freedom to secure your wealth journey; your wealth strategy fuelled by your virtuous beliefs around money and how you may want to relate to your future, wealthier self.


Positive aspirations

Taking the time to re-set your mental framework around money and how you relate to money may be one of the most productive series of conversations you can have. If you are ready to deep dive with me as your guide and advocate and NOT in my role as accountant, then this is the conversation that has likely been sorely missed and will be gratefully received!