We know it's personal

We see how much you care about your business, how talented you are and how much effort you put in. We are dedicated to providing you with the services that you need at the right time and supporting you in getting to grips with the numbers that are your business. We know that growing a business is a series of shifts and stresses and we are here to see you through those transitions and challenges.

Our primary purpose is to help YOU achieve YOUR purpose. We work closely both for you and with you and seek to take out the jargon and complexities of ‘accountancy-speak'. Our goal is to nurture your confidence and build up your skillset to support you to build the successful, sustainable and profitable business that you are working towards. How does that sound to you?

We help ordinary people run their small business, to fulfil their purpose or calling, and have a profitable and sustainable business that serves them and the people that they serve

Our 5 Fundamental Values


Be Powerful

Think of the Usain Bolt power pose! What's your equivalent?

We know that running a business can challenge you in many ways, so we will always be looking to how we can help you to resume and strengthen your own vision, purpose and place of personal power. We encourage you to step into the fullness of your being and adopt the best version of yourself.

‘Knowledge is Power'. Here at Brilliant Numbers, we embrace new learning, knowledge and understanding so that we can empower ourselves and empower others. We have studied long and hard to give you the best that we can give and we collaborate with you to utilise our strengths and we want to work with yours.


Take Ownership

We take ownership for who we are, what we do and what we say, and we want you to take ownership too. Taking ownership means taking responsibility for one's own part in the dynamics of play. Taking ownership and responsibility provides you with tremendous power where you exercise choice from your place of wisdom, where you also bear the consequences of your decision making and treat that as a healthy information feedback loop.

If we make a mistake, then we want the ability to be able to freely put our hands up and own that mistake and put it right. We want you to have that equal freedom to state an error and have it put right.

We do not give any space to a blame culture. We take responsibility for the choices we make and we want you to own your own choices in how you run your business and take responsibility for those choices. We believe this approach helps keep healthy, clean boundaries which ultimately serves everyone.


Embrace Conscious Awareness

Being conscious and aware is a super power. Knowing what is going on in your business as it grows helps you to shape it. This can be both through the feedback provided by the numbers but also by the team players. Questioning the normal way of doing things and the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that hold them in place can bring you closer to your goal/s or direction of desired travel. We want to make a point of listening carefully to you in your business so that we will be informed and responsive to what is needed next in your business journey.

We also know that business owners are constantly challenging themselves by virtue of running their own business and that this can, at times, be testing and sometimes daunting. Some answers can be found by looking inwards as well as at outward factors. Rhetorical question: What is it that we intend to manifest and what is it that we actually manifest?

We might, at times, be bold enough to challenge those beliefs where they become self-imposing limitations but ONLY if we are invited to do so and only at times when it would be useful.


Seek Liberation

Free of money worries. Free up time. Freedom of mind.

Many people start out in business “to be free”; they want to be their own boss, work the hours they want and only be answerable to those they choose. But the reality can often be quite different.

We deeply understand this desire and we encourage you to seek liberation from working too many hours, stress, debt and emotional duress and towards financial, time and emotional freedom. We want to support you to have the life you want to have and find balance in the life that you do have.


Align with the Connected Self

A small business owner's core personal values will have a strong influence on how the business operates and runs. In some ways your business is an extension of your own identity. We all start out with good and strong intentions for our business activities which, over time, get tested by our core beliefs and values and by reality itself.

Every one of us have a shadow side, we may succumb to imposter syndrome or the self-saboteur, have personal fears and anxieties. The more we ‘know ourselves' and our blind spots, what we excel at and what is our Achilles heal, the more we can create what we intend rather than letting the underlying influences have their way. Your business is not just a business, it is also a ‘test of self', a way to be creative and/or potent in the world for whatever reasons drive you; family, social influence, material wealth.

We invite our clients to share with us their hopes and dreams, their fears and concerns and we provide lots of opportunities to hold those conversations, where we challenge what really matters and what we are going to do about it; only going to a depth in the personal realm as is appropriate and useful. The world is changing daily and how we show up on an individual level becomes increasing poignant; your personal agency matters.


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