Learning, Planning and Making Progress

Running a business well is a marathon and not a sprint.  We aim to give you the support you need at each stage of your progress and the time you need to implement your structures and processes. We know that there are a lot of elements for you to consider and address. We are the accountancy firm that wants to take the time to go on the journey with you, get you the benefits of truly understanding your numbers and assist you in your business development. A great starting place is in group coaching where you can get the material you need and work at a steady pace.

Coaching time is your time to explore new material and expand your horizons. We want you to develop ease around your business finances, deepen your understanding, develop your confidence and dive deeper into what moves the needle for your business. Group coaching can provide a really effective level of support as you progress. No more running blind!

‘My Great Big Little Business' Programme

12 Month Small Business Coaching for focus, growth, progression and sustainability

This is an affordable programme which takes you through a step-by-step progression of business development. Each month we tackle a new theme designed to stimulate thought, clarity and to pave the way for measured and structured business growth.

You will receive training, guides and live coaching where you will be able to give consideration to your business (working on your business instead of perpetually in it), have the bandwidth to make steady changes and adjustments as you learn, and have the support of like-minded people who are journeying alongside you in their own business development journey.

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Let's Love Accounting: The Director's Series.

Everything EVERY director wished they'd known at the very beginning before they made ‘all the mistakes'.

This 12-week intensive is dedicated to new directors and business owners who are at the beginning of their new business journey and want to familiarise themselves with all the moving parts of the financial elements and the roles and responsibilities of a director who is running a business well and confidently.

After all, you don't know what you don't know, until you do know what you didn't know! Which might just be the most overwhelming part of starting the financial journey of running a new business.

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