Let's love Accounting

The Let's Love Accounting Programme is dedicated specifically to new directors and business owners who are faced with a whole new set of tasks and responsibilities, and probably overwhelm. If you ask any established business owner they will tell you that there are elements that they wished they had known at the outset instead of having to learn the hard way. This course is designed to give you those elements; to provide you with the big picture of how all the parts fit together and drill down into the detail of what's important for you to understand. This programme has a distinctly accountancy backbone to it and represents all the elements you need to understand in terms of what the accounting functions are. We do not expect you to be able to ‘DO' the accounting per se but we are looking to give you the overview of all the elements you need to understand, in terms of what they are, what they mean, how you need to understand them, what you need to keep an eye on, what questions you need to ask and how to utilise the information to your advantage. Basically, it is in understanding of what the accounting function means, is and how it can and will benefit you as you find your way around it.

To take you from:

  • Overwhelm and anxiety around the structures of your business
  • The insecurity of not knowing the important things you don’t know
  • Running blind with numbers and not understanding all the implications
  • Endless firefighting or reacting to the next crisis that shouts the loudest

To take you to:

  • Knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it
  • Having clarity with a structure and a format to work to
  • Understanding the business calendar; the scary bits (tax, compliance)
  • Stepping into proactive leadership; planning and implementing and having the tools to do that
Lets Love Accounting
12 Week Programme
Your Programme includes:
Weekly Lessons

Every week you will have access to a new lesson of the week. This way we can tackle all the important elements of each lesson in manageable chunks.

Video Trainings

The lessons are delivered as video trainings which means that you can watch them at your own pace and in your own time, absorbing and re-visiting as many times as you need.

Live Q&As

Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask any question you have, from that week or previous ones. This means that you can clarify anything you want more detail on. Sometimes these sessions allow us to drill into the technical detail of the subject or we can get drawn into a wider conversation. We encourage you to be at the live Q&A call but these are recorded so it you miss it, you can always catch up.

Templates & Guides

You will have access to all the templates and guides and any links to outside resources.

Private Group

You will have access to a private group where you can share with others if you want to discuss further. This is by no means compulsory but can be a really useful part of the learning.

Email Support

Between meetings you will be able to email me and the team with any questions you may have or to get or give feedback. We want you to get maximum benefits out of the course and feeling confident to take those next big steps.

I am a small business owner just like you

I completely understand the overwhelm that business owners can feel, especially when there are so many demands placed on your resources plus time is always against you. Trying to run a successful business can be a daunting prospect and you want to know that you have got the important things in place so you are not going to get any nasty surprises down the line.

Perhaps the first chapter of the journey of being a new business director is in knowing all the necessary elements you must attend to and not let them slip by, as the consequences of getting it wrong can be impactful. This is the element which can keep you up at night; worrying about the things you haven’t thought of.

I have taken my experience of working with other business owners and seeing the common mistakes that people make; which could be so easily averted if the right understanding and structures were put in place from the outset.

The good news is that you can get the support you need and in a format that allows you to implement the work within your business as you are ready to make the changes.

Don’t worry if you have been put off by traditional accounting firms where the only interest shown has been in the year end profit (or loss), the tax bill and the consequential lack of any real meaning. Those accounts feel so far removed from the actual workings of your business. I am on a mission to give support, that is going to make a difference to business owners; to not only make a success of their business, but make time for their families and have their business serve them in the life they want to lead.

This training programme is designed to get you hitting the ground running so that you can pre-empt what is going to happen next and feel prepared and confident, particularly around your business finances. People have expressed that this course has opened their eyes into possibilities that they hadn't thought of before and that the course has been invaluable at familiarising them with a subject area that traditionally triggers anxiety and fear around working with the numbers. If you are new to business and you want to feel more confident than you do right now, then this is the course for you to take. You will have no regrets that you did take the course but you might have regrets if you didn't!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the coaching programme?

The programmes are designed for business owners who have started their business, or who are at the beginning stages of setting up a new business or have been running their business for a while.

Do I need it when I am starting out?

This coaching programme provides a great grounding of all the things you need to consider and is an excellent starting place. It has been designed around the common mistakes I have seen new directors make and is set up to help you pre-empt the various hurdles so that you are not firefighting and otherwise learning through error. If you know what you need to know at the start, then you are in a better position to run your business enjoyably and successfully from the outset.

Is there further support after that?

You can take up as much support as you need. The Let's Love Accounting Programme has lots of the technical detail. After this programme we recommend going into the 12 month My Great Big Little Business programme which has a much more strategic level of business development. Of course we would love to work with you on a one to one coaching basis and we would be very happy to be your acting accountant. So there are lots of possibilities to working with us after the course.

How are the sessions delivered?

The sessions are delivered in a variety of formats. You will be invited to a private training hub where you will find the weekly lessons and all the other elements of the course. The lessons are video lessons, the Q&A is live and will either be hosted via Zoom or via web streaming and livechat. The templates are all downloadable. Plus there will be a platform where the group can connect with each other and with us.

What are the payment options?

You can pay as a one off payment which is offered at a slightly discounted rate or in 3 monthly instalments.

Is there a discount for full payment?

Yes. There will be a discount for upfront payment. Please see the terms when the doors open.

Do you include doing my tax returns?

No. This is a training format for you to consider all the elements of running your business. The actual necessary accountancy tasks will be separate. You can either take up our services and work with us directly, and we would love to have you, or you can work with a bookkeeper or accountant of your choice.

Do I have to be a company director?

The twelve week programme is specifically designed for limited company business owners. Saying that, only a few lessons that are specifically company related. If you are a sole trader then the content still applies to you, but you will have to sit through some limited company bits too. That’s ok though. The longer programme applies to all business structure types. Business is business!

How do I know if the programme is going to be right for me?

We want to make sure that you are on the right programme and that you are going to get a huge amount out of it. We will invite you to an introductory session just prior to our doors opening and you will be invited to ask as many questions as you have then. Meanwhile, feel free to g get in touch and find out more.

When does the next programme start?

This programme runs twice yearly; usually May and September. If you want to join us in the next round then please be sure to put yourself on the waitlist by subscribing below. We will be in touch to let you know when the doors are going to be open again.