Understanding the Numbers

Understanding accounting and harnessing finance skills don't come naturally to many people. Business owners can have a good business but get tripped up by the accounting side of things. Negotiating your way around doing the accounts and understanding the accounts can be perplexing. But by grasping some basic accounting concepts and understanding some basic financial reports can make a significant difference to you growing and developing your business. 

We hear business owners say that they don't know where the money went even though they made a profit, or they need help to monitor money coming in and going out or understand what taxes are going to be due. This programme is designed to really support you to manage and negotiate your business finances so that you can have develop your own skills and get the confidence to be able to do more on your own. We want you to be able to keep an eye on your finances ongoingly and spot issues before they become big problems.

Our Financial Awareness Programme

This program will be designed around you and part of that may be how to keep good accounting records, how to use the accounting software, how to monitor your cashflow, understand your taxes due and be able to understand your financial reports along with how to monitor and manage your creditors and debtors. We can work with your strategy and your planning, helping you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. We will meet with you every two months to discuss your recent results and develop your skills further according to your needs and objectives. 

Why do I need financial awareness coaching?


Improve your business

If you know that you have a great business idea or that your business can be better but you lack the skill in business finance to really move the needle on your business then boosting your awareness can make a real difference to your business success.


Understand your reports

Understanding the key reports and some basic accounting concepts are enough to make a huge impact on how you understand your business and will assist you to make good progress. You will learn how to customise your reports so that they make sense to you and, with that, you will find your confidence grows too.


Tailor your learning

We all learn differently and when you are in business you need to know what you need to know when you need to know it. Part of this programme series is to accommodate you directly whilst at the same time leading you into key skills that will set you up to be increasingly independent or to use the time to develop further. 


Get confident

When you know you understand your finances and the position of your business then you will feel confident to make decisions and more easily. You can check that your understanding is correct and base your decisions on facts that you know and trust. 


Make real progress

Making real progress is key to a successful business and you want to see, develop and track your progress. Instead of bumbling along on a day to day basis you will start to make real, tangible and reportable progress that you can know and understand. With success comes greater responsibility and you will be ready to take up the challenge of the next big step and take it confidently.

Ready to step in?

These sessions are designed around you to help you to understand your business. 

What will you learn?

  • Map out your personal journey which outlines the level of understanding you are looking to achieve.
  • Ask all the questions you have so that you get the answers.
  • Locate the numbers you need and know how to understand them. 
  • Gain understanding and have autonomy around creating your accounting reports, your key numbers and know how to track your key metrics. 
  • ‘Know Your Numbers' directly from your accounting software and understand the watch-outs.
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