Building A Marketing Plan

Marketing has a two fold function; both in telling new clients that you exist and in staying in touch with existing clients and letting them know all the ways that you are relevant to them. We can work with you to set up your marketing goals and determine what needs to happen to achieve those goals and how they ultimately affect the numbers in a trackable format.

It is essential to have various marketing strategies and to have a way of tracking their success or otherwise. Our goal is to help you build in a marketing budget and uphold the activities that get you the best return on your investment. 

Your Marketing Plan Workshop

Every business should have a marketing plan and have clearly defined strategies and a 12 month outline. This four hour planning session will help you to identify your purpose, your target  market and your USP or Unique Selling Point. We will discuss your product mix, your positioning and your promotional strategy, set your marketing targets and a way of how to measure them. The best time to develop your marketing plan is at the beginning of your new financial year. However, if you don't have one then any time is a good time. 

Why do I need a marekting plan workshop?


Develop a clear strategy

Generating and maintaining presence amongst your target market requires a concerted and ongoing effort. Given that the return is generally not an immediate one but is the result of your cumulative efforts then having a marketing strategy will help you maintain the momentum that you need to stay on track with marketing.


Identify your purpose

By really understanding who your ideal client is and being able to define the value of your service or product to your client allows you to identify and share your core purpose. Having that clarity paves the way for your potential client to be able connect with you. 


Consider your brand

Your brand is more than your logo or the font that you use and is as much how you position yourself within the marketplace and the core values that you operate from within your organisation. 


Set goals & targets

Goals and targets can be quantified with non-financial markers and knowing and understanding those KPIs or Key Performance Indicators will provide measurements for you to know if you are reaching your goals and targets. 


Uphold the plan

Consistency and patience is key with your marketing campaign and upholding the momentum keeps up the cumulative effect of your marketing; the unquanitficable element of the plan!