Developing Your Structure

No matter how big or small your business, if you are going to scale then you need to understand the roles that exist within your business. Most business owners, certainly in the early days if not ongoingly, wear too many hats and fulfil too many roles. Defining the roles and responsibilities and functions of each department helps you to run your business increasingly effectively and efficiently. 

If you want your business to become sustainable, scalable, and ultimately, saleable then constructing your own organisational chart provides a working structure which can set you up for future growth. Stepping out of ‘doing all the things' becomes possible when you give clarity of direction, responsibility and autonomy to individuals in your team. If you are overstretched then we recommend this service.

Your Organisational Structure

During these sessions we will look at defining the job roles and position responsibilities within your organisation.

Why the need for an organisational review?


Define the structure

Even a very small business needs to define the various departments and roles that exist; even if being fulfilled by one person or a small team. A well designed organisational chart can generate the vision and set you up for growth by understanding which people are needed where in order to free up capacity of the individual or the team as a whole. 


Understand Key Roles

By understanding the key functions of the business and the day to day tasks of the business allows the key roles to be determined along with the responsibilities of each role. Having clarity around the individual roles provides clarity to the team as to who does what; creating clearly defined boundaries, outcomes, autonomy and purpose.


Increase efficiency

Clearly defined roles increase efficiencies and productivity within the business model and processes developed to further enhance those efficiencies without losing ownership. 


Get engagement

Individuals can have increasing confidence where boundaries are clearly defined and roles and responsibilities are named.


Sustainable & Scalable

Not only will you free up your time to concentrate on improving your business sustainability and scalability but you will ultimately be making your business more saleable by having clear roles and processes to match the fulfilment of those roles and responsibilities.