Understanding The Value

Even if you are good at what you do in delivering a product or service, are you good at sharing the value of what you do so that your client is eager to purchase from you? We will help you refine your selling process and review your skills and strategies. 

How much does your product cost you to produce. How much is your product worth to your client? Many of our business owners have not had the benefit of formal sales training and many find it difficult to make sales or actively ‘sell'. We help you find ways to sell without selling and make it compelling to buy.

Value Based Selling Workshop

The difference between cost and value needs to be clear in your mind along with how to articulate that to your client base. If the profit you receive does not match the value that your client is getting then you may well be giving away your work for not enough reward.  We have a nine step process to take you through making your proposals, mindset and paradigm shifts to help you to enjoy the art of imparting the value that you have to offer and improving your conversion rate. 

Why do I need value based selling?


Review sales process

We want to help you find the value in your service and product and we work through the whole sales process with you from understanding your client and their needs and desires to imparting the value of what you have to offer and having consistency in imparting your offer. 


9 Step Proposal Process

We share best practise techniques for you to implement the 9 step proposal process. Changing your sales processes, your terms and your profit margins can make a big difference. You may be able to increase sales without necessarily having to work harder.


Tackle scope stretch

Gain the ability to handle changes in scope without the stress so that you can maintain client relations and deal with the extension of projects as they occur. 


Develop clear options

Have clear service options and payment terms to suit your client allowing your client to choose the level of service and price they are willing to pay means you won't be over or under delivering your service.


Systemise & follow up

Having a well defined and repeatable sales process allows team members to make sales with consistency and confidence which gives the team the satisfaction of clarity and efficiency.