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We know that every one of our clients are different so our first step in the journey is to offer you a Complimentary Meeting where you have an opportunity to discuss your business and find out how we can help. You will be able to access our core accountancy and compliance services according to your requirements, along with ongoing support for your business development journey. We will help with the resources that you need so that you can strike the right balance of doing more on your own, or with our help, or have our full support with varying degrees of our input. We are always looking to help you take the next step.

For example, you may want some initial one-on-one training to get you going on the right path in the very beginning, group coaching to get you on track and broaden your knowledge base as you develop, or bespoke one-to-one business coaching as you grow. We know how important the numbers are but we also know that the people behind the numbers are what really matters.

Business Development 

There are three essential tools that every business should have in place and the Business Success Pathway is our One-to-One support structure for small business owners.

Every small business, no matter how big or small, should have a structure to follow to steer and track their own progress. A virtuous cycle is one that leads you into taking practical and tangible steps that gets you implementing your plans and attaining your own stated goals.

Our role is to provide you with the tools you need and have regular contact with you to keep you accountable and on track.

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Group Coaching

Lessons, guides, training, insights, structures and live coaching in an affordable package delivered over an effective length of time. Providing you with the tools you need, the time to implement what you are learning into your business and with the benefit of ongoing support.

Developing a business can be a hard and lonely journey with plenty of challenges and road blocks on the way. Having the support of like minded people on a similar journey who are giving consideration to the same topics can help you to develop your own thinking, skills and confidence.

We have two coaching programmes; a 12 week intensive for new directors of limited companies and a 12 month programme for ongoing business development for owners of small businesses.

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Core Accountancy Services

We provide professional accountancy services covering off all your compliance tasks according to your individual business needs; ranging from bookkeeping, management reports, self-assessment tax returns to payroll and auto-enrolment, corporate tax returns and annual accounts.

We promise you the highest quality service that gets you up to date quickly to get you the clarity you need from real time data processing. This means you are able to move forward with the more interesting and important elements of your business instead of chasing after your finances. With your tailored package you will pay a monthly fee that covers everything you require.

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Xero Training Sessions: Book & Pay

We have a “Book and Pay” service which allows you to purchase individual training hours for hands on bespoke bookkeeping training, data processing and/or Xero training, as and when you need it. If you know you will need more time you can book a discounted bundle of 5 individual hours which allows more in-depth help, all this can be scheduled at a time that suits you.

Please follow the link which will take you to a secure payment page. Once your payment is accepted you will be taken onwards to the calendar booking page.

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Specialist Advisory & Deep Dives

Each Deep Dive can be accessed as a stand alone workshop, project or focal point and takes your attention into the core of your business. Our aim is to make a real difference to our clients and help them develop and grow in their business by making the right resource available at the right time. Our Business Development offerings are structured, practical and tangible services that are there to create long term value for our clients. Take a look at what's possible in how we can support you with your business.

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