The emotional energy it takes to grow your business.

So you a have started out with a calling, a movement and an action that is delightful to you; you had a great idea and a thought inside your head and you turned it into a business. You may have grown organically, responding as you go, or had a well thought out plan laid down with intricate detail. But you decided this is the thing, this is how I am going to grow my business, this is going to be my future livelihood and I will be successful.

So, you have invested your time, money and energy into this thing that drives you.

The emotional roller-coaster that is about to ensue!

You may not have factored in the emotions that you are going to run with and face up to and so mastery of those emotions is going to become a key central theme not to be under-estimated. This is no small journey and those emotions are not going to be small events either. Part of running your own business is in mastering your emotions; ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ kind of thing but more than that. You are going to come up against some much deeper emotional patterns that otherwise quietly rule your life and you may not like it when you realise what’s in play.

The optimistic journey begins…

When you begin your business there is the natural high with the initial feelings of hopeful optimism and excitement, perhaps mixed with some nervousness or trepidation, but what’s not to love about starting a journey. The journey begins and the going gets tough and you meet the challenges because you already know that those challenges are going to be there and you are ready for that.

It gets a bit rougher…

But the terrain inevitably gets even more testing as you meet client demands, face cash flow crises, staffing problems and supplier issues, plus other problems you couldn’t even have dreamt up. Now your time, resources and attention get truly stretched. You have to meet those challenges from a deeper place within and you keep digging deep. Here, at this marker, there is a very real danger of you getting depleted.

But you have reached the point of no return and you are now fully invested in your business. You are going to sink or swim and you are still determined to swim.

Master the patterns…

You will start to come up against some of the internal beliefs that you hold that may or may not serve you on a daily basis. Beware this idea that working harder and harder and longer and longer will see you through. Because at some point you will realise that it is not working harder but working smarter that is the place where you need to go next. So now you must refine. But this is going to take some honesty around your hang-ups. The inner control freak that doesn’t want to let someone else in or the inner perfectionist who can’t move to next steps because this step isn’t good enough. But these drivers need to get seen by you so that you can claim additional capacity to re-shape your business to make it better it the long run.

The frazzled nervous system

Some people have a greater tenacity to withhold pressure for longer but equally some people have a greater capacity for denial too. Burn out is a real event and the consequences of it are not pretty either; it can stop you in your tracks and all the best ideas and plans will grind to a halt too if you let that take hold. Watch out for symptoms of getting frazzled; waking up in the middle of the night with lists in your head, mentally running to stand still or not being able to hold a conversation because there is too much going on in your head.

Looking after self

If this business is and remains your chosen path then you will want to take heed on this aspect of running a business. If you are running on empty, coffee and stress then you will need to take some time out to let your system down and discharge that nervous energy. You may not have the resources quite yet for spa days and golf days but you can discharge your nervous system in other ways; take a bath, do nothing for an hour but lie down and follow your breath, get an early night, go for walks. But do something that lets you let go, mentally and physically, that helps train your brain to slow down and switch into a different gear; albeit for an hour.

The long game

You are in it for the long game and you need to stay fit and well and healthy to see this business through to the point where you can take days off to be with the kids or to self-indulge with beauty treatments or ‘by the beach’ days. One of your aims should be to get the business strong enough to let you be free for a few hours, days and even, if you get it right, a few weeks at a time. Let’s call your business a success when your nervous system is being nourished and nurtured and factored in as a necessary and non-negotiable element of the business plan!

At Brilliant Numbers we take our client’s work-life balance very seriously. We are not just about the numbers because it is the people that matter to us and we want to understand both.