What should I be looking at right now?

Its been a whirlwind of a two a week period. Collectively we have gone into shock and disbelief at what is unfolding before us. Business owners and self-employed individuals are trying to track the fast pace of changes and some are facing stark realities. I have held many conversations this last week about how my clients are going to ‘hold’ their businesses in a kind of stasis with the will and the capacity to pick up again after lock down. Many businesses and individuals are relying on grants and the release of funding from the government to survive but there is a long and difficult wait to even get to that.

We are at where we are at!

There remains a lot of fear, not just around financial survival or business survival, but also about the virus itself and whether we, or loved ones, are going to get sick and survive.

Our own nervous system is taking a pounding and it is important to know where we are at in this moment right now. The fight flight response is likely peaking and troughing many times in the course of a day and that is ok; it’s a natural response. The fight response is manifesting as the running around trying to cover all bases and the flight mode is in going into a freeze place where nothing can be done or looked at; a kind of glaze over and a fear of movement in any direction. If you recognise this within yourself then that is what it is. Your system is trying to acclimatise to what is going on.

The power position

The power position is in being able to stay receptive and responsive to what is happening and staying in the position of choice. As a business owner you may have to face the prospect that your business will not survive, and actually it will be better to admit that earlier rather than later and to let it go.

Some business owners have managed to be very entrepreneurial and enterprising and remain business as usual. Some businesses just do not lend themselves to that by their very nature but if there is a glimmer of possibility to pivot or reshape or offer a service in a new form, then you should be considering how to do that. Some businesses will thrive and the challenge may be in how to move forward with the opportunity but without the guilt of upholding a good position while others struggle.

Plotting the comeback

We are in for the long haul and the comeback may be a while away. In some ways it may not even be appropriate to think about this just yet. A re-imagining of yourself and your business offering may take some creative effort and that can only come when there is a calming of your own nervous system where you can feel safe enough to cogitate and not just look for solutions from a knee jerk reaction.

Be realistic

Whatever happens, there are the ‘what’s important’ and ‘what really matters’ to consider. Having the cash for food is more important than the subscription to Netflix. Your own and your child’s emotional well-being is more important than trying to home-school badly and under stress. Protecting loved ones and staying connected, albeit remotely, is more important than jeopordising them for short term gains of going out.

You are not your business

Lastly, you are not your business. No matter how much time, blood and sweat you have invested, you remain separate to your business. If it does go then you can pick up again or something re-engineered. If the business fails then that is not you failing. There are worse things than letting it go entirely and re-inventing a new business than to let it take you with it.

Stay well and healthy. Keep up your power position. Choose what you do by way of active choice and keep up active movement of body, mind and breath.