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The emotional energy it takes to grow your business.

So you a have started out with a calling, a movement and an action that is delightful to you; you had a great idea and a thought inside your head and you turned it into a business. You may have grown organically, responding as you go, or had a well thought out plan laid down with intricate detail. But you decided this is the thing, this is how I am going to grow my business, this is going to be my future livelihood and I will be successful.

So, you have invested your time, money and energy into this thing that drives you.

The emotional roller-coaster that is about to ensue!

What should I be looking at right now?

Its been a whirlwind of a two a week period. Collectively we have gone into shock and disbelief at what is unfolding before us. Business owners and self-employed individuals are trying to track the fast pace of changes and some are facing stark realities. I have held many conversations this last week about how my clients are going to ‘hold’ their businesses in a kind of stasis with the will and the capacity to pick up again after lock down. Many businesses and individuals are relying on grants and the release of funding from the government to survive but there is a long and difficult wait to even get to that.

We are at where we are at!

supervisory bookkeeping service
It happens and it happens to the best of us even when we have good intentions. 
Especially if you are busy growing your business or you don’t have the right kind of help early on enough. As the bookkeeping backlog grows it starts to feel more serious as each day goes on. 
Once you have a bookkeeping backlog and a  […]
You can have the best of both worlds.
If you don’t want a full bookkeeping service, perhaps you are keeping a tight budget as you grow your business or you want to keep some of it in house.  
Supervision means doing a part of the work yourself or by someone in your business with the added advantage of having a ‘go to’ person who can be […]
Knowing how much profit you make on each of your sales seems obvious and fundamental to success.
And yet it is surprising how many small business owners do not really have a full grasp of this on their business activities.  
Once you know your profit margins then you can set your selling goals. Ultimately that is incredibly empowering […]

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